Press Release: Supervisor Wiener to Convene Pride Planning Meeting with LGBT Venue Owners and Police Department in Wake of Orlando Mass Shooting

Meeting will bring together representatives from the LGBT nightlife community and San Francisco Police Department to plan for a safe Pride celebration

San Francisco Supervisor Wiener has announced that he will be bringing together members of the LGBT nightlife community and the San Francisco Police Department to address public safety concerns raised by the mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando on Sunday. At a meeting to take place later this week, owners of bars and clubs in the Castro and South of Market neighborhoods will meet with Supervisor Wiener and the San Francisco Police Department to discuss preparations for the upcoming San Francisco Pride celebrations at the end of June.

“No act of violence — even one as evil as what Orlando experienced on Sunday — will stop us from coming together to celebrate the LGBT community at Pride this year. More than ever, we need to show the strength and love of our community to the world,” said Supervisor Wiener. “But I have heard concerns from our nightlife community, who care deeply about providing welcoming places for people to celebrate and who want to make sure we are prepared to keep everyone safe. This is an important conversation to have now so that everyone attending Pride can focus on the joyful reasons we are all together, and not be fearful of those threatened by our way of life.”

The San Francisco Pride celebration includes concerts, parties, and parades all weekend in the Castro and the Civic Center Area, culminating in the 46th annual Pride Parade on Sunday June 26th. Last year, more than 1 million people attended Sunday’s Pride festivities, with thousands of others enjoying the events throughout the rest of the weekend. The bars and clubs in the Castro and South of Market areas are a focus of the celebrations.

“We are all saddened by the events in Orlando and pray for the people affected by the attack,” said Tim Eicher, co-owner of Castro area bars Beaux, Q Bar, Midnight Sun, and Mix. “With Pride right around the corner, we are doing everything possible to ensure that we keep our employees and customers safe. We will be working closely with SFPD, Supervisor Wiener’s office, and a coalition of LGBT Bars and Nightclubs to review our security measures in light of these recent events. We have a well-trained and certified security staff at each of our venues and we plan to have significantly increased security staff throughout Pride, as we do every year. We also expect to roll out enhanced security procedures after consulting with SFPD and Supervisor Wiener’s office. We are extremely grateful to Supervisor Wiener and SFPD for their support. It is important not only that we remain alert and vigilant to these threats, but also that we continue to celebrate our Pride, support our Community, and enjoy our rich and vibrant nightlife.”

The meeting will take place later this week at City Hall.

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