San Francisco Becomes the First City in the Nation to Ban Public Spending and Contracting in States with Anti-LGBT Hate Laws

Board of Supervisors unanimously approves Supervisor Wiener’s ordinance targeting not just travel for official city business, but also bans contracting with and purchasing from companies in states that legally sanction discrimination against the LGBT community

San Francisco Today the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Supervisor Scott Wiener’s legislation to prohibit City spending — travel, purchasing, and contracting — in states that have passed anti-LGBT hate laws. The legislation was drafted in response to discriminatory laws passed in states like North Carolina and Mississippi that target the LGBT community. The legislation will statutorily ban city-sponsored travel to states with LGBT hate laws, codifying Mayor Edwin Lee’s executive order, and will further make San Francisco the first jurisdiction to ban city-funded contracting with companies that are headquartered in these states, as well as purchase of goods and services produced in these states.

“Today San Francisco took a strong stand against anti-LGBT hate laws in our country,” said Supervisor Wiener. “I’m proud that our city is stepping out and being a leader in this fight. I hope other jurisdictions follow suit and send a clear message that these laws have no place in our country.”

Recent discriminatory laws that have been passed include North Carolina’s HB 2 which bans cities from passing statutes to protect LGBT people and requires transgender people to use public bathrooms corresponding with the gender on their birth certificate. Mississippi also passed a law that allows businesses to deny services or goods to gay and transgender people.

The ordinance sets forth limited criteria for City Departments to appeal the ban, including for public health and emergency crises, if there is only a single source that provides the service required, or for other issues that may be detrimental to the public interest. The ordinance also requires the City Administrator to create and maintain a covered state list that will be reviewed and updated biannually.

There has been significant pushback against HB 2 from both the public and private sector. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) have all moved scheduled games and championships out of North Carolina because of HB2. Paypal cancelled business expansion plans into North Carolina. Just yesterday a group of institutional investors including the New York City Comptroller and managers of public pension funds sent a letter to North Carolina Governor Jim McCrory asking North Carolina to overturn the bill.

Supervisor Wiener collaborated on this legislation with Mayor Lee, who is leading the Mayors Against Discrimination, a coalition of mayors formed to fight laws that discriminate against LGBT people. Mayor Lee will share this ordinance with the other members of Mayors Against Discrimination, including founding members Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, and others.

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